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We Support Other Ministries
A 'behind the scene' ministry helping other ministries.

We support those ministries with the ability to hand out food,
clothing or other needs. We work with all churches in the body of
Christ.  We help them maintain there platform of spreading the love
and gospel of the Lord Jesus to folks in needs.

We support other ministries with items they give away to the needy.
We want them to be very successful.

If you are Ministry and you need our help getting more donated
products to help your food pantry or donations, contact us. Let us
know who you are and how many people you are helping; how
often, and with what needs you are providing.  Whether it be weekly
with food and/or household items. Fill out the form with your  
information so we can better help you to have a more successful
food pantry/closet.
Please Send Us Your Information
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What your ministry is all about
We work hard to try to find all the resources available
so that you can have the things you need to run your
ministry. We will help you with things like information
on how to get volunteers, finding material goods you
provide to those in need, build a network of Ministries
and Churches that believe there is only one Body and
are willing to work together. We are here for you and
because of you. Fill in the form to the left and let us
know how we can be of service.
Just as one ministry serves, we want to help others do the same.
If you have any questions or
comments and would like to email
Chris personally