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Nov 16, 2010
Dear Chris,
This is just a thank you for helping us to get
some of the roofing supplies we needed for
our Church roof. It's nice having a place to be
able to call for help.

Ruth Plante
Personal Secretary for Pastor Johnnie Scott of
Community Chapel in Jay, OK
October 29, 2010
Dear Chris,

This is a personal thank you. I just wanted to let
you know how much I enjoyed the day you came
out to help me with all of the books that were
donated to my missions. So many people are going
to be blessed by those books. It was a great day.
We all had a chance to be a blessing to one
another. The gifts that you gave were wonderful. I
know that when other ministers meet you they are
also going to be blessed as well.
Thank you again,
Ruth Plante - Missionary; Chariot of God's Love