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Our service will help guide people through their tough times
with Biblical principals.

Our Counselors stand ready to help you. It starts off with a
simple request from you. We agree with you in prayer.

Our past years of experience of being counselors for Billy
Graham crusades and being former Rhema Bible school
Students: we want to show you the love of the Lord.

If you are suffering, let us help you. Tell us what is going on in
your life and let us pray with you and agree for God to touch
your life and make a difference. You matter to us, you are the
reason we are here.

Please send us an email and give us the chance to let the Lord
use us to touch your life, if you are having financial problems,
let us know where you live and we will help you find the right
resources in your area that can best satisfy your immediate

We have prayer warriors standing by. Don't put things off
another day, reach out and ask for help TODAY.

For more information email Chris at  

We love you and Jesus loves you. Let us show you why the
name of our Ministry is Jesus Is Love Inc, God bless you.
A 'behind the scene' ministry helping other ministries.

We support those ministries with the ability to hand out food, clothing or other needs. We work with all churches in
the body of Christ.  We help them maintain there platform of spreading the love and gospel of the Lord Jesus to folks
in needs.

We support other ministries with items they give away to the needy . We want them to be very successful.

If you are Ministry and you need our help getting more donated products to help your food pantry or donations,
contact us. Let us know who you are and how many people you are helping; how often, and with what needs you are
providing.  Whether it be weekly with food and/or household items goto our " WE SUPPORT OTHER MINISTRIES" page
and fill out some information so we can better help you have a more successful food pantry/closet.