Encouraging newly baptized persons
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Past Mission Trips
Apostle Ruth Plante and Anne Arra
Ruth with her new family
Chandra Kiran leading us in Song
They are all coming for prayer
Apostle Ruth Plante having dinner
Apostle Ruth ministers the Word
India Mission February 2010
Mexico Mission 2009
Look at Marissa's smile. She was Ruth's translator
Randy Lane put together a winning team with God's direction
A new friend doing laundry
Pastor Heraldo's Family
Pastor Heraldo with our gifts of love
A sure foundation when Christ is the center of attention
The original Church with benches
We had fun and made friends
Randy helping to pull it together
Center praying for a couple is Pastora Marta, Marissa on left, Apostle Ruth right.
Pastor Jose makes the finishing touches, engraved: Oklahoma
While in Mexico, missionaries
ministered the Word, Built a
Church to replace the old one,
shared gifts, prayed for people and
when it was all done...

Worshiped together and over 120
souls came forward for Christ.
In India February 2010, missionaries visited many villages, went
house to house, saw many deliverances, healing and restorations
take place. They started four new Churches. They built up the new
Bible Students from I.V.B.I.

They left with more than they came with, a New family, friends, gifts
and so much love that you can not contain it. God blessed them!
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