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Calling All Missionaries
If you ever had a desire to serve the Lord in a foreign
land by witnessing to folks who have never heard of
the Lord Jesus? Maybe being a missionary is for you..

Would you like to go on a Missions trip in 2011 or
2012 ??  We would love to have you be apart of our
upcoming missions trips...

We have fundraisers to make just that happen. Please give us your name and
past experiences with other missionary trips you may have been on and just tell us
your testimony and how you think God may be able to use you to spread his love
and his word to those in the world who have never heard his name ??   I think
there are very few things as exciting and fulfilling as being able to know you made
a difference in the lives of people hurting in the world and being a missionary .

Like most things within a ministry, these events take money, often the funds are
raised by donations but sometimes a ministry needs to be more creative and
come up with fundraising ideas.

Please volunteer with us TODAY and help us make this goal possible so we can
do what Jesus asked of us and spread the Gospel to the 4 corners of the Earth. It
is beautiful to see the body of Christ coming together and working together. We
need each other to make  this a successful event and  persons contribution is
very valuable in this process and we welcome everybody help and support of time,
thought and ideas and also monitary donations.
Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
If you have any questions or
comments and would like to
email Chris personally
Kampala, Uganda West Africa is just one of the many places waiting for you.
DR Grace Kityo of Kampala, Uganda and his
church members lay hands on the new
vehicle that donations from the love of God
brought in.

You can be a part of these kind of things too.