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Where we Started & Where He has us Now...

Jesus Is Love, Inc was founded by Oscar and Chrys
Killian of Sand Springs, OK in 1984. It has been passed
down to keep the gospel being preached and His word
being taught as they originally intended. We work very
hard to see all who will hear, have a chance to hear
indeed. God is with us and we are thankful to Him for
making all things possible.

God moved Apostle Ruth Plante and her late husband
Richard to Tulsa and she became known as 'The Bread
Lady of Tulsa' Richard and Ruth served over 100
Churches and ministries with bread, food, cleaning
supplies and (now more than ever) Bible literature as
they partnered  with  World Bible Way Fellowship, Feed
The Children, Body Life Ministries and Bruce Higgins
Ministries and many others through
Chariot of God's

She and her late husband had the privilege to serve
Chrys Killian during her last days here, before entering
her real life in Jesus love.  Moving to Lakemont
Shores of Grand Lake they continued the same work
that She, Chrys and Oscar started so many years ago.
God keeps giving more workers.
Now  upon the death of her husband she has stepped down to turn the presidency and Pastoring over to Rev
Christopher Cappan.  He too has answered the call...Apostle Ruth Plante was given the mantle to carry on in 2006
and now the time has come to pass it again into the capable hands of Rev Christopher Cappan where he
encourages  the many with Jesus love. Here is his personal bio...

Christopher  was saved and spirit filled at the age of 10 years old. He was the counselor for many Billy Graham
crusades in his younger years and lead many missions trips around the world.  Christopher has lead many
people to the Lord..Christopher's mission trips included but not limited to the far east, China, Korea and Hong
Kong and all over Asia as well as Puerto Rico and all through the Caribbean and Europe.

Chris lived in Italy for over a year three different times in his life and spend most of his time fellowshipping with
other ministries and sharing Gods love to the good people of Italy. Chris also has visited other parts of Europe
six different times over the past twenty years witnessing to people in Germany and Austria and All over England
and France and Switzerland.

He speaks many foreign languages and is a very successful business man that the Lord had use his business
skills of marketing and networking to help Gods kingdom and Specifically Ministries in need. Christopher has
been apart of Many fund raising events in the past that have benefited many churches and ministries, too many
to count.  He has over 20 years of experience of being involved with non profits and knows what it takes to get
things done.  God has utilized Christopher Cappan's business sense coupled with Love and compassion for
others to help today the furthering of Jesus is Love Inc.

When you say Lord Here I Am, He says Come on! Are you ready do come on and occupy until He comes? There is
so much to do before then. Check out the Missions page and see how you can help!
Chris and Chompers taking a moment of quiet.

Chompers has become quite the gal. She has
fans from all over the world. She keeps a
watchful eye on Chris as he goes about his daily
work of reaching as many for Christ and finding
the supply to meet the need.
If you have any questions or
comments and would like to email
Chris personally