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Cappan's Corner
We are delighted to introduce to you our brother in the Lord,
Rev Christopher Cappan who is heading up our fund raising effort
which will help more families in need.

We have decided to pull the curtain back and reveal Chris who is the
new President of the Board of Directors and has always been a
"behind the scenes" man.

He has such a wonderful history of helping make things happen
without looking for all the glory. He is wearing more than one hat.
Praise God!

When one works for all and all work for the one; everyone has what
they need thus the equalizing talked about in the word of God
Rev Christopher Cappan:

Jesus Is Love, Inc
Dear Sponsor:

We are  looking for donations from Companies who are able to provide items we can
use as gifts for families in need. We also do not want to forget about the families
pets this time of year. In the spirit of giving, let's remember the furry friends.  Often
when families need to cut back, their pet is the first to suffer. We don't want that to
happen, please help us with donations so we can help ensure families and all of
their loved ones in the home get some help this holiday season. Help us show the
love of the Lord through your gifts that we can bless others and make their lives a
little more cheerful. God reveals so many of those in need to us.

We want to thank you for standing with us and helping those who are less fortunate.  
We appreciate our Sponsors very much and will send you a tax deductible receipt
with a thank you letter after receiving your donation.  Another follow up letter will
arrive after the holiday season sharing with you just how your donation has affected
the lives of families in need.

Donations are the best form of Advertising for your company, there are millions of
dollars spent on television ads and new papers ads, but the ability to directly affect
the lives of the families in need in the community is priceless and is appreciated
more than anything at all. Those donors who support our ministry are added to our
prayer wall to be prayed for. Donors should expect great satisfaction knowing that
their gifts are so appreciated.  We encourage everyone to support those business
who donate to us.

Your contributions allow our ministry to exist and to help families both here in the
USA and also overseas in India. The support here in the USA goes to assist
hundreds of families in need with many types of concerns. None of this could be
possible without your support. Every person is valuable, we treat each person with
respect as if they are our own family.

Our ministry takes pride in following up on those families whom we have helped. We
never loose sight of what our mission is, to love people in which we come in contact
with the love of the Lord, to help and stand with them through their tough times, to
help get their provisions met, to pray for them daily that they can one day stand on
their own and to see them develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

We in our ministry want to provide people with resources with can help change their
life. There are so many resources available on a local and national level that many
people are truly unaware of.  We are so thrilled when we can locate the best
resources to help fit the bill for whatever is required for families with needs. It is our
pleasure to serve them.

This opportunity to help families in need will show what Christ's love is all about;
"giving to others ". This gives our ministry a chance to plant a seed in people's
hearts and put a smile on their faces. We show them the Love of the Lord, help get
them saved and into a bible based church with people who will love them and
provide fellowship for them. That's what its all about, getting souls saved for Jesus.

Help us reach as many souls as we can by the support from your donations today.
Please contact Christopher Cappan to arrange a donation today and all donations
are to be sent to the below address, any questions we are here for you.

God bless you.

Rev Christopher Cappan
On the last day, Jesus will say to
those on His right hand, "Come,
enter the Kingdom. For I was hungry
and you gave me food, I was thirsty
and you gave me drink, I was sick
and you visited me." Then Jesus will
turn to those on His left hand and
say, "Depart from me because I was
hungry and you did not feed me, I
was thirsty and you did not give me
to drink, I was sick and you did not
visit me." These will ask Him, "When
did we see You hungry, or thirsty or
sick and did not come to Your help?"
And Jesus will answer them,
"Whatever you neglected to do unto
one of these least of these, you
neglected to do unto Me!"
Donation contact below:

Christopher Cappan
8805 East Hampton Road
Claremore, Oklahoma 74019
"There is more happiness in giving than there is in

If you have ever been on the receiving end than you
understand this statement. If on the other hand you
have always been a giver than you may never know
what it is to be in need. Those who give for the sake
of others are blessed beyond measure.

Those who are in need and give anyway also know
the blessing of giving. You reap what you sow.
Rejoice that you have to give and thank God that you
have been blessed by Him to be a blessing to others.

I pray you will never need our services, if you know
someone who does - please contact us, we want to
help as much as you do. Thank you for reading down
to the end. I pray blessings over you and all of yours
now and in the future.
Chris, having a wonderful Family member
such as his girl Chompers, knows that the
ones who suffer the most are the ones who
can not speak for themselves.

His heart is as big for your pet as it is for your
soul. Needs include these precious family
members that love us unconditionally.